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Religion, Denomination & The True Living God    

Religion, Denomination & The True Living God

Earth, Heaven and everything in it was created by ONE GOD and it is the fact. Many from different walks of life would also agree to this. However, this also leads to few questions, that we are going to discuss to bring forth a clearer understanding of the truth about religion and its denominations.

1. If One God is the creator why there should be a 'dividing concept' called 'RELIGION'?
2. If One God is the creator who could be that God amidst so many gods?
3. If One God is the creator why there are denominations within a religion and different ways of worship?

For example Hindus worship over 350 different gods and there are countless number of castes and sub-castes. As if their kingdom of god conduct annual election to determine who sits on the throne.

Can you imagine, if other religion and denominations of the world are added to this equation? The chaos could easily out run world politics.

Adding to this, we are also seeing new concepts of god and worship formed by the rich and famous.

From all these Do You See Anything in Common?

Understanding the Truth, and that Truth is Not Vague nor Complicated

Divide and Rule is Satan's rule of thumb. He divided the world into TWO and he divided the people into many tiny segments to drive them all as far away from the True God as possible.

Every Religion and Denomination is the Work of Man inspired by the Father of Lies and Deception

Always Remember that The Foundation of this World is SIN, LIES & DECEPTION

The devil was a murderer from the beginning. He has never been truthful. He doesn't know what the truth is. Whenever he tells a lie, he's doing what comes naturally to him. He's a liar and the father of lies.

- John 8:44

Overview on Idols and Its Spiritual Capacity

In this world, idol worshiping is a common practice. Starting from some denominations of Christianity worshiping idols of Saints, Virgin Mary etc., all the way to religions like Buddhism, Hinduism etc., worshiping bizarre idol characters all in the name of God. They may also be justified through spiritual signs, miracles and temporary sense of high and well being.

Can these idols and other form of worship have any spiritual capacity?

The answer is YES, they do have spiritual capacity and also perform miracles. These devices of deception comes from Satan and receive their spiritual capacity directly from evil spirits.

When a statue is made by the sinful hands of Man and worshiped by the masses, the evil spirits of this world gives its spiritual capacity. Man also have the ability to conjure evil spirits into the statues but it is impossible for Man to control the spirit of the Holy God.

It is impossible for MAN or MAN made idols to EVER become God.

Every form of religion and denomination may it be new or old, comes from the domain of Satan and all of them will perform significant level of spiritual signs and miracles. The whole show is to deceive and it is generally achieved. As mentioned in the 'Spiritual Basics' page, this world is ruled by the evil one - The Father of All Deception and Lies.

Mankind by birth inherits SIN and is born sinful from head to toe. Therefore statues and idols that is made from the materials available on this earth by sinful hands CAN NEVER contain the Spirit of God. Also MAN through his own greatness can never become sinless, holy or god. These things are nothing but foolishness from the greatest fool, The Satan.

Those whose foundation on God is strong will survive, rest will be consumed by Satan through Eternal Death.

The Truth and Understanding about The True Living God

To begin with, you will have to understand that:

The Glory of The True Living God is so immense that even the Heavens cannot contain Him. And This Earth is God's Foot Stool. Therefore please remember that a MAN or MAN made idol or MAN made concept can never, ever become God in any FORM OR SHAPE.

True Fellowship with God and True Christianity

True Christianity is the pure, loving and faithful relationship a MAN has with Jesus Christ, The Son of God, therefore True Christianity is not a religion and it cannot have denominations.

Beware and Stay Away from False Religion, Doctrines and Worship.

A true doctrine of God will contain and emphasis THE TRINITY, Victory over SIN through Blood of Jesus and His Resurrection. It will be based on Bible - The Word of GOD. Nothing will be added or removed from the Word of God. Everyone seeking God should read the New Testament followed by the Old Testament to lay a foundation based on first hand understanding.


We will eventually develop detailed content on this subject. In the mean time if you are confused and need help with spiritual direction, just contact us with your question.

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