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Jesus said: "this is My Blood, the Blood of the Promise" - Matthew 26:28    
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A Brief Introduction:

Dear visitor, first of all thank you for visiting our web site. This ministry's main purpose is to bring forth spiritual truth about the True Living God in an easy to understand format.

Jesus Christ - The Son of God, The Lord of Armies
The Creator of the Earth, Heaven and Everything in it.

About the Founder:

The founder of Blood of Jesus dot com hails from a Hindu family. In fact he was living as a Hindu until the age 33 (Hinduism is a religion practiced predominantly in countries like India. Hindu's worship an array of idols and statues made of stone, wood, etc).

He discovered the true Living God and accepted Christ on May 2007 in Toronto (Canada), when he was saved from a bizarre witchcraft attack that should have wiped him and his family from the face of this earth.

In our day to day life we hardly take any time to think about the spiritual world and its existence. Even those who are religious very rarely understand the true makeup of the spiritual world.

The founder of this ministry was just an average everyday person leading the average mundane busy life, until he came face to face with the dark realities of the spiritual world.

In the year 2006 he found himself amidst ferocious witchcraft attack by a group of individuals whom he associated in close proximity. These attacks were waged against him while he shared an unmistakable relationship of respect, love and regards for this group of individuals. Is it greed? pride? jealousy? We now understand that it is the working of minds 'influenced by the father of all evil' - The Satan.

Even though there was a divine protection over his life, keeping him and his family alive, in the year 2007 he received direct assistance from God through an anointed pastor. The pastor who operates in all the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit lead him through deliverance out of all the evil bondages and gave him a new beginning.

He took complete victory over evil through the Blood of Jesus and a ministry was born to showcase the Love of God and to help people that are bound in bondages including health, debts, evil spirit possession, witchcraft and every other clutches that are held by evil spirits / dark forces / satan.

In this web site you can educate and arm yourself with first hand information that may not be available elsewhere. This process of understanding leads you to the life giving Truth and claim your inheritance to the kingdom of God (Heaven), experience his love and prosperity forever.

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